San Damiano (Italy) warns against
Communion in the hand






Our Heavenly Mother speaks:

I come to this place, my beloved children, to enrich you with graces, with love, with faith and with great mercy, for I am the Mother of all. I call you night and day to this place, but few among you listen to Me; many mock Me, many joke about Me – many insult Me.

Five years that I ask for your heart that I may keep it in my Heart – to inflame it with love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament – because Jesus is Strong – the Support of all the afflicted, of those who cry, who moan, who are at deaths door and may leave this earth at any moment. The Holy Viaticum (The Eucharist) is the Comfort of this earth and for Heaven – but so few want Him – they trample upon Him, especially in these days.

They receive Jesus in their hands – what sorrow for my Son and for Me.

The Holy Eucharist is trampled underfoot. My children take the Holy Eucharist in their hands, my Son Jesus, sacrileges upon sacrileges!! What damnation will be yours when you present yourself at the Tribunal of God! What punishment will you have? The Eternal Father is tired. He is tired I repeat to you! He is tired – think about this- make a good examination of conscience – ask pardon and sin no more.

And this is from the document
of the exorcism of Anneliese Michel.


San Damiano und Montichiari ist echt. Die Kirche hat es nicht anerkannt. Das haben wir fertiggebracht.



The apparitions at San Damiano and Montechiari are true. The Church did not recognize them, but this is the fruit of our work.



San Damiano e Montichiari sono veri. La Chiesa non l'ha riconosciuti, rna questo lo abbiamo combinato noi!


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