The sculpture of Paul VI Hall  (Part 2)
Ugly sculpture of Paul VI Hall
Many skulls are attached to branches?
I am never saying this with ill will.
This really appears to be such thing to my eyes.
Please look at the following two photographs.
Ugly sculpture of Paul VI Hall
This is the sculpture of Paul VI Hall.
And this is one scene from the movie which describes the world (life) of European old paganism. We can see here literally skulls attached to a tree.
I don't know how these two scenes are different.
To my eyes, these look almost same!
Ugly sculpture of Paul VI Hall
Please don't misunderstand me. I respect Holy Father, of course. But, frankly speaking, this scene almost makes me laugh. This sight is too much nonsense! It is nonsence that the Vatican has such an ugly and such an abnormal thing. Please look at the above photograph once more!
Possibly, my way of talking might be too frank and too open. But, my dear brothers and sisters and Fathers, please don't get angry. Please don't be offended. And please let me keep on talking openly for a while. Probably the Roman Catholic faithful would need some frank opinions.
I suppose that by all these photographs we practically advertise ourselves to all over the world as if we were always with monster!
Ugly sculpture of Paul VI Hall
By all these photographs, the people who have some sensibility to beauty probably would laugh at Catholic Church and would doubt Catholic Church. This is very dishonorable for our Church, and more serious thing is that this would be a great loss for our Lord too.
“In this way the sacred liturgy, celebrated according to the Roman use, enriched not only the faith and piety but also the culture of many peoples.” - Summorum Pontificum
I think that's right. So I (one Oriental) have respected Western prominent culture derived from Christianity (Catholicism). But now, in front of this utterly ugly sculpture, I can't help wondering,
“What happened to the current Catholic Church and the sensibility of the Westerner!?”
I also believe that this sculpture has the bad spiritual influence upon our soul, soul of members of Church, for his arts never came from God!
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