The deepest truth
I showed you some weird artworks associated with Pope Paul VI.
However, if you got the impression from those artworks that Pope Paul VI was not a good Pope, I am sorry.
Both of Type 1 and Type 2 were made by the same people who belong to Satan's party.
However, Type 1 and Type 2 have different characters, different directionalities, in expression.
What belongs to Type 1 is only the plates in Brescia Cathedral as far as I know. This is a rare case as their expression.
On the other hand, Type 2 is usual as their expression.
In Type 1, the Pope is oppressed and mocked, or moreover might be poisoned. He is suffering very much. He is the target of their persecution.
However, Type 2 is not so. He is not oppressed nor mocked, and he is not suffering. Rather, he displays his own weirdness proudly.
The Pope in Type 1 is a good Pope, because he is a Pope whom they dislike, oppress and mock.
On the other hand, the Popes in Type 2 are the images representing themselves, their spirit. Those images are the images in which they reflect themselves.
They dislike the Pope in Type 1 and like the Popes in Type 2. However, it is impossible that the one “like” and “dislike” the same object at the same time. Therefore, the Pope in Type 1 and the Popes in Type 2 are different, to them. Those two types have different meanings, to them.
What do I mean?
The deepest truth, the hidden truth, is lying in the following places.
I believe that Pope Paul VI was not a bad Pope though he was also a human being subject to error.
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