The Devastated Vineyard

Dietrich von Hildebrand





  1. The Lethargy of the Guardians

  2. Is There One Contemporary Philosophy?

  3. The False Idea of a Middle Way between Extremes

  4. The Great Illusion

  5. Is There Still a Ray of Light?

  6. Is History the Source of Revelation?

  7. “Qui te fecit sine te...”

  8. The Great Disappointment

  9. Change for Its Own Sake

  10. The Idolization of Learning

  11. “Ecumenitis”

  12. Is Schism the Greatest Evil?

  13. Dawn


  1. The Sacred Humanity of Jesus

  2. This-Worldliness

  3. Distortion of Morality and of Love of Neighbor

  4. Is Unity among the Faithful the Highest Value?

  5. The Cult of the “Positive”

  6. The Eruption of Collectivism in the Holy Church

  7. Democratization of the Holy Church

  8. Fear of Using the Authority of the Holy Church

  9. False Interpretation of Authority

  10. The Catchword “Ghetto”

  11. Cooperation with Atheists?

  12. Harmless Religion

  13. The Message of the “Our Father”

  14. How God Wants Us to Respond in the Present Crisis

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